Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Red Roses Gift Wrap

Those shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts

The purpose of the Red Roses Gift Wrap is as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Pros: Only red roses will do on Valentine’s Day for the love of your life. There are a great many varieties and several colors, but red is the ONLY color for Valentine’s Day. Red is the color of passion. Everybody knows that, and because everybody knows that, it is a very good idea to place your order for red roses for Valentine’s Day early…and the earlier, the better.

The Red Roses Gift Wrap is delivered wrapped in cellophane ready for the recipient to arrange. The vase is not included but can be purchased separately on the Send website. You can also add other extras on the Send website that will be included with the delivery of the Red Roses Gift Wrap.

Cons: I am a big fan of guarantees of satisfaction. I want my satisfaction with products guaranteed without any restrictions. The lack of such an iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction is always a con, in my opinion. However, the Red Roses Gift Wrap appears to be a very good product and one that you should be satisfied with.

Guarantee: There is freshness and quality guarantee with each order, but satisfaction is not part of the guarantee, as far as I can tell.

Value for money: The Red Roses Gift Wrap is a beautiful bouquet of roses and the perfect Valentine gift. This is an excellent value.