Sunday, April 08, 2007

How to Plant Roses

Planting roses is the most critical part of growing roses. That’s why it should be considered as carefully as possible.

So, how to start planting? Well, here are some simple steps for you to follow:
1.Look for an area with a free drainage as the roots of rose cannot typically stand being sodden.

2.Soak the rose bush in a bucket of water.

3.Dig a hole measuring about two feet wide and two feet deep.

4.Add some compost to the soil. Sheep’s manure and peat moss will do.

5.Add some forms of fertilizer, like bonemeal. Mix it up with the soil and fill the hole with water.

6.Once the hole drained away, plant the grafted rose. Keep the bud union at the surface.

7.If you are living in country with a very cold winter, push the bush down up to three inches below the surface of the soil.

8.Hill up the soil around the base of the rose bush. This is necessary to prevent any sign of drying out which will possibly happen if the weather gets cold or very hot. You can remove this covering as soon as roots find its own way to the soil.

9.To maintain the growth, water the rose regularly.

Note these steps, and if possible, try to exert some time and effort for taking care of your newly planted roses. Water them regularly as that’s what roses need to survive.

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