Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Orange Flowers

Flowers are the best remedy to have when you are feeling sad or lonely. The many beautiful flowers seem to drive away all negative feelings that we may have. The various colors that are available can enhance how we feel. One flower color that we love having around our homes and gardens is that of orange flowers.

These flowers don’t have to be in just one shade of orange to reveal their beauty. To add some vibrancy to your garden or to make an ordinary floral arrangement look great you can mix in several different shades of orange flowers. For instance you can plant a flower bed that is filled with various orange flowers.

In this orange flower bed you can have moss roses in a warm sunset orange planted in the front of the flower bed. You will also find calendulas, cosmos, birds of paradise and other exotic tropical flowers like an orange hibiscus flower. These exotic flowers will look marvelous amongst your regular flowers as they bring a warm and vibrant look to the garden.

With all of the orange flowers you should look at the times that these plants grow to have an idea of which ones are best suited to be planted for year round blooms. As many of your orange flowers are tender annuals and a few half hardy annuals you should see that you have planted them at the right time.

In addition some of these orange flowers can be planted as seeds, and bulbs. So for you to have these orange flowers growing well in your house you should ask your gardening center for advice and help. This way you will have a garden that is full of beautiful orange flowers.

Besides buying seeds, bulbs and orange flowering plants you can buy some cut flowers to bring the warm orange shades into your home. These orange flowers will include Orange Emperor tulips, Illumination Orange Begonias, Dover Orange Peruvian Lily, Nasturtiums, Marigolds and many others. You should see how the orange flowers can mix with other flowers to bring a sense of freshness and vitality to our lives.

When you have selected the orange flowers that you want to have in your gardens and home, you can ask for ideas on the best way to present or arrange these flowers so that they will look fantastic. In addition you can ask what other flower will work well in a flower arrangement with your selected orange flowers.

The reason we are probably attracted to orange flowers is because they remind us of the sunset in all of its brilliant glory. Some of the flowers we will buy because we know that they can fill our homes with a fresh and clean smell of summer. Whatever reason you use the various orange flowers will make you feel happy just by their presence.


Fast Growing Trees said...

How about some Stella de Oro daylilies? They come in cheery sunny colored fans that shoot upward. The Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' too looks lovely for a low-growing shrub.Orange
href="http://www.fast-growing-trees.com/FloweringTrees.htm"> flowering shrubs
somehow tend to look even better than yellow ones as they have that hint of golden which immediately puts you in a pleasant glow.

Todd said...

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