Thursday, July 05, 2007

Knowing the Trends

When thinking about decorating your home with flowers, it is also a great idea to know the flower trends that are current or popular in the society. Knowing this stuff is somehow similar to knowing your home style as in this case, you will just note what trends available in the market will fit well to your home style.

Well, according to some florists, it is good to incorporate the latest of the flower trends in today’s modern society. This is considered for the reason that flowers are very much a part of the social and fashion scenes. As the society and fashion arena change, flower arrangement styles also change. Thus, new trends emerge everyday, so to keep up with these changes, it is important that you know what trends are now hot in the society you are living with.

In the past few years, several colors like pink and yellow remained very popular. This year, 2006, blue is becoming more and more preferred and valued. Shades of blue are then considered, allowing the people to pick and choose not just a specific color, but a variety of hues. According to some reviews, blue is moving towards classic deep denim coupled with emerald greens and deep turquoises. Aside from this, the plums and all its tones are being paired up with elegantly brown shades, along with lilac and purple. Red also never goes out of popularity, so it’s no wonder that today, you’ll see Bacchara rose being considered as one of the favorites.

It is important to note that along with these color changes, the flower vases or containers, ribbons and other products used to heighten the effect of your arrangements also change in appearance and style. You may now notice vases in black, white or a combination of the ideal colors being the favorites in the market.

So when thinking about decorating your home with flowers, note and understand all of these trends and make sure that whatever you may be considering fits well to your home style and to what you think is best.

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sara said...

I think that for those of us who live in drought-parched areas of the US succulents and drought resistant grasses/plants will become more in vogue. Less demand on water (smaller water bills) and, by using native species, it is possible to have a green yard in the desert...