Tuesday, June 12, 2007

American Country, Casual Easy Living, Classic Traditional

American Country

In today’s highly creative and innovative world, the name “American Country” is becoming one of the hottest phenomena. It is recognized worldwide as a style all it’s own and has been considering some artifacts from the past, like galvanized metal bowls, quilts, and wooden crates, as its main motifs. These motifs are highly favored for the reason that they conjure up images of a comfortable home, the one which is highly welcoming and pleasing.

So for floral home decoration, it is a wise idea to fit a combination of flowers such as wild roses, yarrow, scabiosa, and heather into a woven basket or a simple vase. This is ideal to be placed on a coffee table or kitchen counter. Note also that cut flowers, blooming plants, wreaths, herbs and swags presented with a farm-fresh look can be a great natural extension for such above mentioned homespun décor.

Casual Easy Living

As the name implies, the casual easy living style focuses mainly on simple pleasures of life. Here, the things that will suit best to your floral home decoration would include furniture of light pine, natural woods, bleached oak, or a white-washed painted finish that comes with fabric of cotton and linen in neutral tones.

According to some claims, style of this kind will perfectly fit for those who want to bust stress, and the effect would be too great if coupled with flowers, as flowers in this case will try to act as nature’s balancing formula. So the right match of flowers to incorporate into this home style may include green and flowering plants that are casually grouped in a basket, or a set of beautiful flowers, such as sunflowers, hydrangea, daisies, or tulips placed in a vase of clear glass. These beautiful flowers will also look perfect with a casual easy living style if placed on a piece of beautiful pottery or pitcher.

Classic Traditional

Do you find your home boasting a classic traditional look? Oops! You’re not sure if your home is having this style or not. Well, home built with a classic traditional look usually has formal architecture design. What I am referring here are those homes with impressive front doors, foyers, and rooms that are individually decorated. The classic traditional-styled homes may also feature classic furnishings and antiques with fabric brocade, tapestry and silk.

With such kind of home, several experts advised homeowners to set up a classic arrangement of a combination of flowers with accents of foliage and dried fruits. You can consider flowers such as roses, gladiola, iris, carnations, snapdragons and lilies. And, to make an effect so appealing, place these floral combination in containers made of porcelain, crystal, silver or brass. Note that it is basically these containers that look perfect for the classic floral centerpiece.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

I enjoyed your blog. American gardeners do have their own style, which to me is a nice mix of several styles, I guess I will start calling it 'American Country Gardening' from now on.